The DC Charter School Alliance Celebrates the Class of 2022

Aug 8, 2022

The DC Charter School Alliance is incredibly proud to celebrate this year’s outstanding graduates! The class of 2022 has been resilient through a challenging couple of years, and we couldn’t be prouder of their accomplishments. To celebrate, we’re thrilled to share a series of videos with student graduation speeches reflecting on finding themselves in a changing world, their journeys through school, the challenges they have surmounted and what the future holds for them and their peers.

We’ll be sharing the speeches on social media, but you can find all them on the DC Charter School Alliance YouTube page here.

See the following for more information on participating schools and students:

  • Faith Jones, KIPP DC College Preparatory Valedictorian, reflects on perseverance, forging your own path during times of adversity, and coming out on top.
  • Sharkeyia Fitzhugh, KIPP DC Legacy College Prep Salutatorian, reflects on students realizing their worth while continuing to find themselves in a changing world.
  • Ammon Longenecker, DC International School Valedictorian, reflects on the remarkable faculty and staff that contributed to students’ overwhelming success.
  • Gryphon Lyttleton, DC International School Salutatorian, reflects on the memories that shape our lives and the stories that make us all one.
  • Skye-Ali Johnson, Richard Wright Public Charter School, reflects on breaking barriers in the education ring and watching her peers blossom. 
  • Jimmeia Wilson, The Goodwill Excel Center Valedictorian, reflects on overcoming self-doubt and achieving academic success later in life.
  • Kamecia Taylor, The Goodwill Excel Center Salutatorian, reflects on pushing through tough challenges, overcoming personal loss, and the importance of finishing the race.