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Resources for Schools

We provide targeted support to member DC charter schools and those who want to start a DC charter school to build a stronger, more effective charter sector. To see if your school is a member of the DC Charter School Alliance, see the full list of the Member Council. If you are interested in joining the DC Charter School Alliance, please contact us; If you are interested in our resources, but are not a member, please contact us for non-member options.

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Schools and the community need to see the story of DC charter schools, and that begins with having robust data. We provide schools with:

Start-Up Support: Start or restart using the right data to reach your goals, including data cleaning and storage, needs assessments, vendor selection, and training in Excel.

Ongoing Support: Place an in-house data intern in your school or conduct student-level data analysis, including deep dives into your data.

Presentation Support: Build out your annual report to tell your data story or present your story to your board; the DC Charter School Alliance can run the numbers for your report.
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School Start-Up

Starting an effective charter school is a long process, from the initial idea to welcoming students into your building. Our start-up support includes support throughout the process: designing your school, applying for a charter, planning for opening, and the first year of operation.

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Replication and Growth

For high-performing charter schools ready to serve more DC students, we can help with the components of growth planning:

Readiness to expand
Staffing and capacity
Board development

Facilities strategy
Enrollment strategy

Curriculum and instruction
Central office systems and structure

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Programming and Policy

From learning about best practices in operations, family engagement, special education support, and other topics, we offer programming and policy trainings for school and LEA staff to help charter schools thrive.

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We help expand and build the engagement opportunities for DC charter schools by ensuring that LEA and school leaders have relationships and the support with key leaders and institutions in the city that intersect with education.

Upcoming Events

Check out our events calendar to attend an upcoming event on school growth, data support, a rally, and more!

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