DC Charter School Alliance Condemns Mayor Bowser’s Illegal 2024 Budget

Mar 23, 2023

Washington, DC –– Following the release of Mayor Bowser’s 2024 budget, DC Charter School Alliance Executive Director Ariel Johnson released the following statement:

“Mayor Bowser’s proposed budget is a violation of the School Reform Act, and it fundamentally undermines equity in the city’s education system by funding critical priorities––like teacher compensation and transportation––outside of the Universal Per Student Funding Formula. The UPSFF is essential in making sure we are funding students and their specific needs and how they choose to pursue the educational experience that works best for them, including attending an out-of-boundary DCPS school, a charter school, or their neighborhood school. DC’s strength is in the multitude of choices that students have, and our leaders should be working to strengthen these options, not undermine them. By assigning funding to schools, rather than students, Mayor Bowser will diminish options for families, especially Black and Latino families that live in neighborhoods that are traditionally under-resourced, special education students, and students at risk of falling behind who benefit most from having choices.

“We continue to be alarmed that Mayor Bowser’s team is prioritizing politics and accounting tricks to fund education, rather than using well-established, equitable funding mechanisms to ensure that all our students have the resources they need, no matter where they choose to go to school.

“We look forward to working with the Council to ensure that the city’s progress toward improving outcomes for our students and retaining the best teachers continues through the FY 24 budget.”