DC Charter Schools Urge All Voters to Cast a Ballot 

Oct 27, 2020

Charter schools have registered voters across DC 

Washington, DC–With the in-person early voting period opening today, the DC Charter School Alliance, an advocacy organization that supports and represents the robust charter school sector in our nation’s capital, is calling on all eligible voters to cast a ballot. DC charter schools have been working to register voters across the city, whether they are students, families, or community members. The DC Alliance has also encouraged voter participation through a candidate forum and voter guide for the At-Large Council race. 

“We want young people to know that their voice matters, and that voting is an essential part of making change in DC and nationally,” said Shannon Hodge, Founding Executive Director of the DC Charter School Alliance. “The consequences of this election couldn’t be greater. From addressing the impacts of COVID-19 to electing leaders that have a plan for ending systemic racism and strengthening our education system, our future is on the ballot and every person in DC who can vote, should.” 

Many schools across the city are doing direct engagement and registration of their students, families, and surrounding communities. For example, Thurgood Marshall Academy, Two Rivers, EL Haynes, Center City, and LAYC Career Academy have partnered with When We All Vote to register voters. The KIPP Votes program spans across all of their campuses so that voters can make a plan to cast a ballot by mail, early, or in-person. Other schools have made Election Day a holiday to ensure that their community is able to vote.

The DC Charter School Alliance encourages all eligible voters to exercise their right to cast a ballot. In-person early voting begins on October 27 and Election Day is November 3. To learn more about how to register and cast a ballot, visit When We All Vote